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Diamond-Vu™ Value

Frustrated by custom home builders charging you the “Lake Home” premium? Or the “on-your-lot” builders who advertise a low price, then surprise you with 25-40% increases for lot development, permits, painting, taxes and finance charges? Not at Coeur Built! Value, design and efficiency are of utmost importance in our design/build process. We understand each customer’s goals are different and we are here to help you meet those goals. Whether you want to customize a builder’s stock plan, modify an e-plan, create your own custom design or build a maximum-equity starter home, we have the capacity to meet your objectives. Do you prefer a turn-key, hands-off approach? Want to be involved and manage some of your project, or even apply some “sweat-equity” into your project… or something in between? We help you find the high-value solution to your project requirements, and it starts with just a phone call.

  1. VISION:
    One of our no-pressure custom home building consultants in Coeur d’Alene will begin the exciting opportunity to build your home by coming to understand what features are most important to you. Budget, Timeframe, Equity, Design, Features, Simplicity or Low-Pressure Decision making… we are here to help. If you already have plans drawn-up, we’ll be happy to estimate costs for your project, or if you’re still in the “Dream” phase, we’ll help steer to you to make your vision a Reality that fits into your budget. The same custom home building consultant will provide on-going communication through this step as it transitions into your pre-construction phase.

    Our proactive building consultants confirm your architectural designs and establish Firm-Fixed estimates or Cost-Plus estimates based on your contract preferences.

    The core of our business is based on Transparency and this is where it shines. Budgets are confirmed through our Diamond-Vu™ bid system giving you final control and authority over your budgets and selections BEFORE you enter a construction contract.

    Your project will be managed by one of our highly skilled construction superintendents who will manage your job and any trade base partners.

    After your final walk and punch lists are completed, your satisfaction doesn't have to end there. We offer home owner services that include Warranty management, Post-sale Maintenance, Home-Away Security Check-ups or Retro-Fit services as time alters your design preferences.  


Coeur Built is proud to be part of a distinguished group of Custom Home Builders that rely on a third party customer satisfaction survey company, to help us deliver outstanding customer service. We also offer the longest warranties in the industry backed not just by a bond, which puts our financial resources at risk, but also a 3rd layer of coverage by one of the nation’s largest financial surety companies. Even though we build a high quality home, it’s rare but possible that problems with workmanship, systems and structure can arise after the sale. Obviously, these problems can create significant financial exposure – the average structural defect can cost $50,000 or more to repair. Our New Home Warranty uses time-tested language that clearly defines defects, what’s covered and how disputes will be handled. The warranty pays the cost to repair covered structural defects for up to 6 years after closing, greatly reducing your financial risk and increasing your satisfaction. Our New Home Warranty reduces uncertainty. It’s reassuring to know that Coeur Built’s Warranty coverage is there to cover the potential significant cost of structural repairs. All in all, this proven Warranty means peace-of-mind for both builder and buyer.

Green Built Energy Efficiency

What does it mean to be Green Built? How valuable is an Energy Star Certification? What is a HERS index? There are many interpretations about Sustainable Practices, Green Building and Energy Efficiency within the home construction industry and this topic could fill volumes. The core of the matter is what matters most to you? To be “Green Built”, “Energy Star” or “HERS” (Home Energy Rating System) rated, requires a third party certification which means they want your money. We are happy and easily able to build to any of these standards if you’re happy to bear the financial costs. Most customers want proven Energy Efficiency and environmentally friendly practices used in their construction project. We couldn't agree more and are happy to say we place such a premium on this notion, that we actually offer a RESIDENTIAL ENERGY GUARANTEE. While many builders talk about energy saving, we GUARANTEE it! This is an exclusive program only available to builders who construct and certify homes that meet industry standards for energy efficiency such as HERS®, Energy Star, LEED or National Green Building Standards. It reimburses the homeowner for cost of gas and electricity usage exceeding the home’s predicted energy usage by more than 15%. Can your custom home builder in North Idaho guarantee that? Coeur Built in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, can! Let’s start your project discussion now, by contacting Coeur Built to schedule a personal or phone consultation. Call us now! 208-661-2497



401 Sherman Ave, Ste#207
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814
Located in the historic Wilson Building, between the Ironhorse and Moose Lounge



"I have worked with the building consultant at Coeur Built for over a year in our attempt to build affordable homes. I chose them over two very similar companies in the Spokane area because they were so knowledgeable, so "real" (no BS), and he understood what our affordable agency--Bonner Community Housing Agency--was looking for even when we did not ourselves. Their main positive character trait is patience. He went through lots of our brainstorming about what houses to pick and he always tried to find us the best value."

- S Drinkard,
Bonner County Housing Agency


"This is the first time for my husband and I to have a home newly constructed, so at the tender age of 66 we are learning many new things about the whole process. They have been a Godsend to us, working with us every step of the way. Always patient, answering every question we have, never making us feel dumb for the question. We will recommend them to anyone building a new home! Last but not least, all of the crews that were hired have done a great job! "

- D. Vander Veen 


"I have worked with Coeur Built staff and the main reason I trust them is the way they listened to what we had to say. You can tell that they were not in it just for the money. They take time to listen and ask questions to make sure they understand what you are looking for. I have searched a couple other places and our building consultant took the time to really care. Building a house is hard enough but he helped all the way through. "

- R. VanMarten 


"We are very happy how Coeur Built worked with us on the project. Their experience showed and their process is highly-transparent. Their honesty is really a breath of fresh-air in a stale construction industry"

- D. Adair 




401 Sherman Ave, Ste#207
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
We are located in the Wilson Building between the Moose Lounge and Ironhorse Restaurant
# RCE-39668
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